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More and more, operators are dealing with continuous-duty operations, harsher environments and multiple laterals going deeper and extending further. Engineering teams from Weir, MTU and transmission manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen AG have stepped up to meet this challenge. 

The first system from EPIX mechanically integrates the engine, transmission and pump components—each designed specifically for hydraulic fracturing—into one purpose-built power system. By aligning maintenance schedules, planned overhauls can be performed more efficiently and economically. Future enhancements for the system include integrated monitoring and communication systems. These will improve performance and inform operators on the status of their equipment.


The MTU Series 4000 meets EPA Tier 4 final standards without exhaust after treatment. With an increased power output of 2,250-2,600 bhp, the Series 4000 T95 provides more low-end torque, improving acceleration and expanding the utilization of the frac pump’s performance map, all of which provides maximum flow rate.

  • Full performance available up to 13,000 ft (4,000 m)* 
  • Easy integration in O&G equipment thanks to simple, compact footprint 
  • Optimized power-to-weight ratio 
  • Available with Tier 2 compliant engine 


The durable ZF 8 TX automatic transmission is the perfect complement to the MTU Series 4000 engine, providing a maximum input torque of 7,744 lb-ft (10,500 Nm). Working seamlessly together, these keys give the EPIX power system outstanding performance—even under the toughest conditions.

  • Perfectly designed for oil and gas production operations
  • The most lightweight transmission of its class
  • Full and wide range of gears (speeds)
  • Utilizes full engine torque curve
  • Engine connection SAE00


The Weir SPM® QEM 3000 is the industry’s first high-horsepower frac pump for continuous-duty pressure pumping operation at 275,000 lbf rod load – all the time. Synchronizing maintenance schedules with the engine and transmission, this durable pump is designed to reduce downtime and costs—a savings of 17 percent when compared to legacy SPM pumps. It’s packed with numerous performance features.

  • New dual-line optimized lubrication system, regulating pressure and flow for each component while filtering contaminants
  • Largest frac-pump bearing on the market, evenly distributing stress
  • Patent-pending structural rigidity to resist cracking from increased rod loads and hours of operation
  • SPM Duralast™ fluid end technology, lowering cross-bore stress by 30 percent or more, doubling life of conventional SPM fuid ends; corrosion-resistant stainless steel delivers up to 5x the fluid-end life.

* Dependent on air intake temperature. Subject to be confirmed.

Product Brochure

Epix Integrated Power System 1
The first fully integrated purpose-built power system from EPIX.
Epix Integrated Power System 2
PUMP > Weir SPM® QEM 3000

The industry’s first high-horsepower frac pump for continuous-duty operation at 275,000 lbf rod load, the SPM® QEM 3000 is packed with numerous performance features.
Epix Integrated Power System 3

Lightweight and durable, the ZF 8 TX works seamlessly with the Series 4000.
Epix Integrated Power System 4
ENGINE > MTU Series 4000

Designed specifically for well stimulation, the MTU Series 4000 meets EPA Tier 4 final standards without exhaust after treatment.